Retouching, Restoration, Manipulation & Enhancements


Old Photos Restored:  Photographs of any age can be scanned and digitally retouched and reprinted at various sizes.

Photos over 30 years old have a tendency to bleach or degrade over time even if kept in an album. Chemicals and substances used in their development and processing will cause the image to become less colourful or lose it's tonal qualities.

Very often these details can be recaptured through state of the art scanning and editing creating a new digital master that can be stored for continued electronic viewing or reprinted and/or framed etc.

Damaged prints can also be scanned and digitally repaired.

From a simple clean up or enhancement to very advanced repainting of damaged content. Every case must be considered individually so there is often a need to see the print before an accurate assessment can be given.


Image manipulation: Extensively used in todays world of digital imagery.

Photographic quality imaging re configured and edited to create something subtley different or completely new!

Combine two or more images, parts of images or text and images to achieve a new design.

The final result can then be used for digital viewing or printed in a number of different sizes and formats for various uses.


The 'airbrushed' effect...

Usually associated with portraits but can also be applied to any image that requires enhancement. It's like getting a makeover!

Remove blemishes or scratches, correct tonal inbalances or adjust lighting and contrast.


Dirty, scratched photo retouched...

The end result can also have a range of tints such as sepia, bronze or neutral black and white.

Dirty, scratched photo retouched...

The end result can also have a range of tints such as sepia, bronze or neutral black and white.

Detail of original photo...

Before retouching

Detail of original photo...

Before retouching

Restoration of a bleached photo...

Re printed with a strong sepia colouring

Price guidelines for retouching

Pricing can be difficult to quote accurately without close examination of the original print, however, Dave has devised a scale to assist with estimating the various degrees of restoration.

Graded according to the amount of restoration required on a scale of 1 - 4 See Below:

1 = Good. Requires mainly tonal restoration.

2 = Moderate. Requires tonal and some repair / cleaning.

3 = Poor. Requires tonal and more detailed repair / retouching.

4 = Very poor. Requires extensive repair / retouching.



1 = £15 to £25.  2 = £25 to £40.  3 = £40 to £60.  4 = £50 or more.




Your photographic print will be unharmed and returned to you in the same condition as supplied.

Scanning will be high resolution and appropriate for the required final print size. Therefore, where possible it is 

preferable to indicate the largest size that you wish the image is to be printed.

Scanning prices vary depending on the size of the original:

Up to A5 : £4.50

Up to A4 : £7.50

Up to A3 : £15.00

Larger than A3 - quoted for separately and will need to be photographed - please enquire.



Re print guidelines

Fine art prints from £8.50 for A4

Canvas prints - Bespoke according to requirements - e.g. £30 : 470 x 335mm (18" x 13")

Discounts possible for multiple copies.


Print to fit option

If you already have a frame we can print the correct size to fit a previous or existing space.

A cost effective solution if you have frames to fill or wish the photo to be replaced in it's original situation.


Call now and have a chat with Dave to discuss the options.

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