Image Manipulation & Enhancements


Image manipulation: Extensively used in todays world of digital imagery.

Photographic quality imaging re configured and edited to create something subtley different or completely new!

Combine two or more images, parts of images or text and images to achieve a new design.

The final result can then be used for digital viewing or printed in a number of different sizes and formats for various uses.



Original photo...

Sky, additional light and vehicle will all be added

Final edit is the addition of text for the magazine advert...

Vehicle and shadowing added...

Price guidelines for image manipulation

Pricing for these types of image designs will vary considerably depending on the content required and the complexity of the retouching.


Often cheaper than a costly photo shoot on location or a scene that would be inpractical or even impossible to achieve in real life!

Image manipulations, collages, makeovers and digital art can all form part of image led advertising campaigns and more.


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